APIs by Example: User Interface Manager APIs

The UIM APIs and List Panel Groups deliver robust, consistent, and highly functional applications and utilities with a minimum of programming effort. Much of the complexity and screen dialog handling is performed and controlled by the User Interface Manager (UIM), so you can concentrate on the core functionality of your program.

To demonstrate how you can use the UIM APIs and List Panel groups, I wrote the Work with Command Log (WRKCMDLOG) command. This command uses the Retrieve Request Message (QMHRTVRQ) API’s ability to retrieve previously executed commands from your job log.

iSeries users are familiar with the F9=Retrieve facility from menus and command lines. The WRKCMDLOG utility is basically the same thing, except that it also displays a scrollable list of previously run commands and subsequently lets you prompt and rerun the commands. You can further optionally specify a search argument if you want to display only a subset of the commands in your job log.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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