A Boo-tiful New Tool to Manage PTFs

The DSPPTF command, while highly useful, is a tough tool to use for PTF management. Have you ever scanned your PTFs looking for those fixes that are incompleted or require some action on your part?

Normally, you would issue the DSPPTF command and, for each Licensed Program Product, scroll through the often many pages, scanning for such PTFs. Once through with one product, you press enter and continue with the next. This can be quite time-consuming and requires alert eyes.

Carsten wrote the command CHKPTFSTS (Check PTF Status) to take the drudgery out of this task. The command reads through all installed products and, for each product run through the list of PTFs, checks every PTF against each of the requested PTF statuses. You can specify one or more individual PTF statuses, or you can request all non-applied (the default).

Either an informational message is shown or the DSPPTF command is run for each selected PTF. Depending on the number of products and PTFs installed, this can be quite a resource-intensive process.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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