Retrieve Internal System Information with Carsten’s RTVSYSDTA Command

Most of us are familiar with the RTVSYSVAL (Retrieve System Values) and RTVJOBA (Retrieve Job Attributes) commands. We use them all the time in our CL programs to pull external information that our programs need.

The RTVSYSDTA (Retrieve System Data) command lets you pull in all types of information about your system into your program. The really cool thing about this command is that most of the information retrieved is VERY hard to get at without using a ton of IBM Supplied APIs. Carsten has taken all the tough work out of finding and getting the information; all you have to do is run his cool command.

Retrieving all return values in one call involves many calls to APIs and MI built-ins and could take 3-4 seconds to complete on an average system.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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