APIs by Example: Retrieve ASP Information, Part 2

This installment of APIs By Example will continue the examination of the Open List of ASPs (QYASPOL) API that I started in a previous installment. Part 1 offered an example of retrieving information about an ASP itself. This time around I will show how you can get at information about the disk units configured on a system by means of the QYASPOL API.

You will be familiar with some of this information if you have used the WRKDSKSTS (Work with Disk Status) command. However, the WRKDSKSTS command only offers this information to display or print. If you want to process system disk information programmatically, the QYASPOL API –- or the RTVDSKATR (Retrieve Disk Attributes) command presented in this article –- is the way to go about it.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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