APIs by Example: Change IFS Attributes

This installment of APIs by Example presents the CHGIFSATR (Change IFS Attributes) command. The command is based on the Qp0lSetAttr API, which will set or, to use another term, change a given IFS object attribute.

Unlike the Qp0lGetAttr (Get Attributes) API, which uses the same attribute buffer, the Qp0lSetAttr API is only capable of handling one attribute at a time. You have to perform separate calls for each attribute you want to change.

The sharing of the attribute buffer structure enables a certain level of interaction between the Get and Set Attributes APIs. The buffer can be retrieved using the Get Attributes API, the appropriate attribute values be changed, and the buffer passed on to the Set Attributes API on multiple calls, one buffer entry at a time.

Download the save file containing the source code.

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