IFS Journal Monitor

In the last issue, Carsten Flensburg presented an IFS journal monitor that records when a new object is created in a specified IFS directory. In this issue, Carsten extends the functionality of that utility by adding programs that check for object locks on the new IFS object and process the file.

The utility consists of a total of six programs. ILE RPG program CBX925 is the receive journal exit program. It’s a slightly modified version of the same program from the last issue. Two other programs, CBX925C and CBX925X, were featured in the last issue. CL program CBX925C runs on a job queue as a never-ending program and configures RCVJRNE to call exit program CBX925 when a journal entry is received. CL program CBX925X creates the required journal objects and programs based on its two input parameters, the library to store the compiled utility, and the name of the IFS directory to monitor.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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