APIs by Example: User Index APIs, Part One

For the next couple of installments of APIs by Example, I will discuss the User Index APIs. In this installment, I will present a command interface for the Create User Index (QUSCRTUI) API. A Delete User Index command, DLTUSRIDX, is already part of the operating system, but for some reason no command is included to take care of the need to create user indexes from a command line or a CL program.

As discussed in the Programming Tips Newsletter of January 29, 2004, an API command interface offers a number of advantages in the form of syntax checking and parameter documentation, as well as making it much easier to call the API in a CL-program. In this week’s example, the command definition is accompanied by a help panel group that helps document both the QUSCRTUI API and its individual parameters.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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