Automatic Spool Rerouting

This issue’s utility by Carsten Flensburg is similar to last issue’s utility in that it shows how to process data queue entries sent to a data queue attached to a spool output queue. These data queue entries are generated each time a spool file with a Ready (RDY) status is created on the output queue.

Last issue’s utility CBX909 processes data queue entries and sends a message to the user profile that created the spool file. This week’s utility, named CBX910, processes each data queue entry and, depending on conditions you specify, sends the spooled file (using SndNetSplF) to a specified user ID and/or changes the spooled file output queue to the queue specified in the user profile that created the spooled file. CBX910’s actions are logged to the job’s job log.

Detailed instructions on how to create the data queue and compile the program are included in program CBX910 comments.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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