APIs by Example: Creating A User Queue

In this installment of APIs by Example, Carsten Flensburg demonstrates how to create a command definition for the Create User Queue (QUSCRTUQ) API. The result is a CRTUSRQ command that you can easily use in your CL programs. This command’s counterpart, the DLTUSRQ command, comes with OS/400 and does not need to be created manually.

Creating a command definition for an API is a useful technique because it adds syntax checking and self-documentation to the parameters for the API. It also makes it very easy to use the API in a CL program.

In the next installment of APIs by Example on February 19, Carsten will demonstrate how to use MI built-in functions and functions from the ILE C runtime library to work with user queues in an ILE RPG program.

Download the save file containing the source code.

Read the entire article

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